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About Us

Engineering Sketch

Board of Directors

Joshua Montaño, Chief Executive Officer

Justin Valdez, Chief Operations Officer

Lucas Valdez, Co-Chief Technology Officer

Mario Valdez, Co-Chief Technology Officer



Headquarters: Ojo Caliente, NM

Our humble beginnings started out in this small, secluded town which is home to natural hot springs famous for their healing properties.

Site Office: Española, NM

Known as the "Heart of Northern New Mexico", the beautiful Española Valley was the first step in growing the business.

Site Office: Los Alamos, NM

Famous for the development of the world's first nuclear bomb and Los Alamos National Laboratory, often considered one of the premier R&D facilities in the nation. Los Alamos is an obvious and ideal location for a scientific and engineering consulting firm.

Site Office: Santa Fe, NM

Known as the "City Different", Santa Fe is famous for it's artistic and cultural riches.  Another strategic move by the company because the board knows ingenious engineering solutions sometimes require more than just number crunching and need that creative touch.

Site Office: Bay Area, CA

Home to some of the most well known companies in the world.  Many of the software companies have expanded operations to include hardware design and development such as smartphones and self-driving cars.  All of these companies require precision engineering, manufacturing, metrology and quality control.

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