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Mario Valdez Bio

Mario Valdez is the Co-Chief Technology Officer (Co-CTO) of V&M Global Solutions LLC with his twin brother Lucas. Mario received his BS in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics from The University of New Mexico in 2009, his MS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of New Mexico in 2011 and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2015.
Mario has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2005, with the exception of the three year span from 2012-2015 while completing his doctoral studies, where his area of expertise is in dimensional metrology related to non-nuclear, nuclear and detonator manufacturing programs associated with the laboratory’s mission critical work. During his doctoral studies, Mario’s research focused on developing novel methodologies for estimating the task-specific uncertainty for large-scale, industrial measurements. His real contribution to the field was investigating the role that extrinsic effects, specifically non-uniform thermal distortions and part deformation due to gravitational loading, had on estimating the measurement uncertainty when compared to baseline models such as Euler-Bernoulli and numerical models developed with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Mario’s expertise is in precision engineering, specifically precision metrology and manufacturing, where he has taken an interest in dimensional metrology applications such as coordinate metrology, non-contact metrology, optical metrology and measurement uncertainty analysis. Mario has recently become very interested in additive manufacturing (AM) with an interest in understanding the build or “layering” process and how those build errors propagate into the measurement uncertainty.
Mario has published a several of journal papers and conference proceedings in highly-regarded publications such Precision Engineering, NCSLI Measure: The Journal of Measurement Science, Coordinate Measurement Society and The American Society for Precision Engineering. Mario has served as an adjunt professor and is also a current member of the Technical Leadership Committee for Metrology Systems for the American Society for Precision Engineering.

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