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Justin Valdez Bio

Justin L. Valdez is the Chief Operations Manager of V&M Global Solutions, LLC.  Justin received his BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in material science and engineering design from the University of New Mexico in 2010, a MS in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of New Mexico in 2013, a MBA from the University of New Mexico in 2020 and is a certified PMP. During graduate school Justin was a teaching assistant for the finite element course taught to junior level engineering students. He also worked as an intern for Unirac Inc. a solar panel manufacturing company in Albuquerque NM.

​Justin worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for more than a decade. During that he has supported many groups including physics, facilities, and weapons.  He is currently working for Sandia National Laboratories as a system engineer. In this role he provides quick technical solutions for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center. These projects are often only a few months long to a year. His areas of expertise are CAD modeling, material selection, process/manufacturing engineering, finite element analysis, and tech project management.

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